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About Me.

Passionate linguist of the English, French and German language, I provide a very good command of the source languages and an excellent German linguistic proficiency (mother tongue) in style, grammar, spelling and punctuationalways being thoughtfully committed to really understand the essence of the source text and entirely grasp its true meaning, its language feel, and intention prior to starting with my translation or transcreation work. With subsequently refining my translation in wording and style I provide a text of high quality that gives either precise technical facts or captivates through creative wording and ideas as a result of a translation/transcreation work, considering the customs and practices on the relevant German industrys target market. For more than 10 years, and a German native speaker, resident in my home country next to Cologne, I have already delivered excellent translation results throughout a wide range of industries, whether it was a technical or marketing translation, a transcreation or copywrite service. Further characterizing soft skills are not only my flexibility, high willingness to work and keep learning but also my sensitive creativity, personal commitment, exact working practice, reliability, multiple interests, adaptability, openness to criticism, organization skills, self-reliance, while always being kind and customer-oriented. To give you an idea of my work, please take a look at the selection of my translation / transcreation works, delivered in a separate file or on demand.



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